Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review

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As a personal trainer and bodybuilder, my daily nutritional intake requires a whey protein supplement to meet my protein needs.

The whey protein powder I have been using for the past year is the Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder.

As a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, I feel am an adequate candidate for giving you an honest and detailed review of this supplement.

Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review: Packaging

The whey protein comes in a sealed tub with a sealed twist on/off cap. Score: 10/10

Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review: Flavor

I have tasted both the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors and they are true to their word in terms of the flavor you pay for.  Additionally, neither is overly sweet or overbearing.  I prefer the vanilla protein over the chocolate protein because I’m not limited in terms of mixing it with other food items. What do I mean by that? Let’s just say I wouldn’t mix chocolate with pineapples or oranges. Make sense? The flavor would be way off. Score: 9/10

Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review: Mixability


This is usually a make or break for me because I like protein powders that mix well. Nothing is worse than getting a chunk of mushy protein the size of a raisin while you’re drinking your shake.  It’s gross. It’s even worse if it gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.

Anyways, I digress. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “mixes perfectly” and 1 being “clump city”. I would rate the Nutrilite whey protein powders as a ‘9” in terms of mixabiliy.  I give them a 9 and not a 10 because I mix all of my shakes with almond milk, so the thicker consistency of the fluid tends to make it tougher to mix quickly. What’s quickly? I define quickly as less than 15 seconds.  Oh, and I use 1 scoop (they provide you with a scoop) of powder in 6-8 ounces of fluid. I am certain if I mixed the powder for 25-30 seconds it would mix perfectly.

For as quickly as I mix the fluid with the powder, I get a darn good result, so I am very happy with the consistency.  You won’t have a problem mixing this powder if you give it a good shake, but in reality this is just fluid and powder in a shaker cup, so if you’re using a blender you would never encounter this problem. Score: 9/10

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Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review: Uniqueness

Nutrilite Whey Protein Review

I want to point something out to you so it doesn’t come as a surprise to you. When you mix the vanilla whey protein powder with a fluid, most notably water, you will find that it turns purple…. Yes, purple…

Well, the label suggest it is due to the Red-Orange Complex mentioned in the supplement facts portion of the tub.  The antioxidant fighters turn your protein purple. Kinda cool if you ask me. But again, this is only if you are using strictly powder and fluid. You won’t encounter this problem if you use a blender with other food items.

The Red Orange Complex is a very cool concept though.  It is through my years of lifting, reading, and researching that I’ve learned that exercise causes free radicals to roam free in the body.  This isn’t good. We must put a fight up against such things. That’s why the Red Orange Complex seems a perfect fit for a protein powder. You get the whey protein your body needs after a workout to build muscle and you get antioxidants to fight off free radicals  at the same time. Perfect combo if you asked me. This will help strengthen your immune system and keep you from getting sick. Score: 10/10

Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review: Directions

The directions for stirring/shaking are listed in the image below:

Nutrilite Whey Protein Ingredients

Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review: Price


Vanilla Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Score: 8/10


My results with this product have all been positive up to this point. What do I mean by that? Well, my strength has improved in several areas such as barbell back squat, bench press, and total pull-ups using Nutrilite Whey Protein powder as my post workout choice.

Next, I do not need to take the browns to the Super Bowl after I drink it each time, which some protein powders will make you do.  That’s as honest as I can be.  I do not recall a time that I had to do such a thing. Third, I don’t get that nauseous feeling that you may often encounter in your stomach if you drink a shake too close to let’s say your pre-workout shake. Nope, hasn’t happened to me at all and I’m happy about that.

The price is steep for whey protein powder, but I personally am willing to pay for the premium product because it is made using no artificial ingredients and it delivers 25-26g of protein per scoop, which is adequate for my protein needs.

Here is my final score of the product:

The packaging is a 10/10

The flavor is a 9/10

Mixability is a 9/10

Uniqueness is a 10/10

Price is a 8/10

46/50 = 92% – Grade A

Whey Protein Powder Review








Hope this helps you decide on a protein powder that fits your lifestyle and budget. You can’t go wrong with this brand and the benefits are worth the money you’ll pay.

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About Patrick

Patrick is a personal trainer that specializes in long-term weight loss and body transformation using a balanced approach of nutrition and exercise.

12 comments on “Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder Review

  1. Sir I wanted to know that how much quantity/scoops should I consume.My biodata:
    Weight:68 kg
    I think that I should consume 3 scoops to build muscles fast
    Thank u

    • Hi Srikant,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, diets high in protein will help you build muscle. However, I would also suggest consuming protein from other food sources as well such as chicken, eggs, tuna, yogurts, as well as lean meats. Whey protein, which is what Nutrilites’s brand contains, is great for after your workouts and early mornings, but I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on it for your protein intake.

  2. Dear Patrick,

    I am 5’8 male, 84 kgs, Body fat at 28%. I go to gym 3-4 times a week and 2-3 times i play football. My main goal is weight loss. Recntly, i have observed the back of my lower leg (from knee till ankle) pains after playing football. no injury. Someone told me its because of lack of protein, since i am exerting in two places. I am a vegan and currently under no supplement.

    Will it beneficial for me to start taking whey? and will it result in rapid weight gain once i stop using it?

    Looking for an answer!


    • Hi Aditya,

      Well, if you are a vegan, than you won’t want to take a whey protein source since it is derived from dairy. In terms of your calf muscle pain, there could be a couple of things causing this. Do you stretch beforehand? What is your water intake like? Have you injured it at any point in your life? The more info the better.

  3. Hi Patrick, Can this protein be taken by diabetic persons above 50 yrs who go to the gym regularly and lift medium weights? Currently taking one scoop All Plant Protein by Amway, after workout.

    • Hi Mohan, thanks for your comment. To properly answer your question, I need to know what it is you are trying to accomplish. In other words, what is your fitness goal? I see you are taking a protein source now. Is that protein source not getting you closer towards your goal?

  4. Dear Patrick thanks for reply. I am 56 and weigh 60kg. My goal is to remain fit and become muscular but not bulk myself and Intend to increase my weight not beyound 62 kg. My height is 5’4″.

    • Mohan, are you not satisfied with the soy protein you are using now? If I understand you correctly, you want to switch. Right? A high protein diet will accomplish what you’re looking to do, but there are some additional things I need to know. What does your workout look like? Tell me about it. What exercises are you doing and in what numbers?

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