My review of Nutrilite Whey protein powder after a year of testing

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As a personal trainer and bodybuilder, my daily nutritional intake requires that I use whey protein supplements to meet my protein needs.

Whey protein is a versatile player in the supplement world since it packs light yet remains nutrient dense. Consider it my go-to meal replacement.

(But when I have time, I usually jump for these healthy french fries instead.)

Now as a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, I believe it’s my responsibility to report to you about my experience with the supplements that I’m taking.

Today, I’m going to be doing a quick review of the whey protein powder that I’ve been using (and enjoying!) for this past year: Nutrilite Whey Protein. Now let’s get down to the TWO (2) things that matter most when it comes to grading whey protein powders:

1. Flavor

I’ve had the chance to try out the two basic flavors, vanilla and chocolate. Both of them are true to their flavors without being overly sweet. I recommend the vanilla flavoring over chocolate simply because it’s mixable with other flavors/supplements.

SCORE: 9/10

(If you’re in need of a multivitamin, Nutrilite’s got an amazing one as well. Here’s that review.)

2. Mixability

Nothing’s worse than getting a chunk of mushy protein powder stuck to the roof of your mouth. Lucky for you, that will never be a problem with this protein powder. Why? I mix all of my shakes with almond milk which has a thicker consistency than water and some milks — and the Nutrilite had no problem blending in my shaker bottle. I would give it a full 10 but it takes me roughly 15 seconds of shaking to get to a 9, but another 15 seconds or so before it blends into a 10. If you’re using a blender you’ll never experience that problem though.

SCORE: 9/10

Yup, those are the two qualities that matter most to me when I’m purchasing whey protein. Some might argue that not having the actual quality of the whey protein as criterion is upsetting. Others might argue that not including price is arbitrary.

The fact is that most whey proteins are by and large equal in quality and price.

The criteria that make me come back and buy more comes down to, “Is this something I like drinking everyday?”

And for Nutrilite Whey Protein Powder, that’s a definite yes.

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