New Year’s Resolution got you down? Here’s how to turn it around

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I see it all too often in the faces of potential clients: the guilt of needing a personal trainer.

Losing weight is hard. You don’t get to eat just whatever you feel like. You have to make time to exercise. Compared to your sedentary life, the active lifestyle requires you to get off your ass.

Add onto all that the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

If you’re starting to get the picture about why you’ve fallen off your fitness program, good.

Everyone needs a wake up call at some point. Today is yours. Read on to discover the 3 reasons why hiring a personal trainer is the most effective method for sticking to your fitness program.

Hire a professional to cut through the noise

The reason you’re looking to hire a personal trainer is because, effectively, you couldn’t get it done on your own.

And that’s okay.

Because when you search “how to lose weight” in Google, you’ll see millions of search results with some experts recommending this diet, other experts recommending that diet, so on and so on. With all the conflicting advice out there, it’s hard to figure out what is exactly true.

You’re hiring a professional so you can cut through that noise and do only the things you need to get to your ideal weight. They’re there to be your accountability partner, as well as the person to give you a kick in the ass when you need it most.

When you’re working with the best trainers, they’ll be able to customize your workout program AND give you sound nutritional advice. The best way to spot the best? Ask them about the certifications that they have — for both personal training AND nutrition.

(You don’t want to spend $30-60 per hour if you’re not going to get the results you want as fast as possible.)

The top personal trainer certifying organizations are:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

The same organizations that offer personal trainer certifications oftentimes also have some sort of nutrition certification as well.

But since eating is a necessity of life, it only makes sense that your personal trainer have the nutritional background to guide you during the 23 hours he/she isn’t present.

(BONUS: Here’s a recipe on how to make healthy french fries as a postworkout snack.)

So it’s imperative that when looking into hiring a personal trainer make sure that they have BOTH a certification in personal training AND nutrition. If you don’t check into these details, you’re already committing to the second biggest problem: lacking follow through.

Discipline, discipline, discipline

Going to the gym and “eating healthy” only sometimes is a recipe for disaster.

In Great by Choice, author Jim Collins outlines a story about two teams of explorers who were racing to the South Pole of Antarctica.

The first team only traveled when the weather was good, so that they could conserve energy and wait out bad weather. The second team traveled 20 miles every day, fair weather or not.

So which team made it to the South Pole first?

The team that traveled the 20 miles no matter what.

Day by day, meal by meal and rep by rep is the only way to meet your health and fitness goals. And when you’re paying someone to see results, I guarantee you’ll show up early and try to keep your trainer late.

Trust me, it happens EVERY time when I’m working with a new client.

The fact is though, your trainer is your personal accountability partner. They are going to help you define the steps you need to take to achieve your desired results. The trick is that you have to take action if you want to see those results.

Be like the second team of explorers and keep plodding along no matter how achy you feel.

Being healthy is an everyday commitment.

Forget following those magazine workouts

Don’t be faked into believing the front pages that say “how to lose 12 pounds this week” or “the secret to losing weight fast” for a second!

Those articles and magazines want the best for you but more often than not, they don’t. Pop culture magazines tend to have over-generalized, cookie cutter style workouts. These generic workouts have one giant flaw — your DNA is uniquely your own.

Those workouts don’t take into account your athletic ability, past injuries, current health issues, body type, etc.

So when people adopt these programs and don’t see the results they’re looking for, they start to think that personal trainers aren’t worth the investment.

And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you hire a personal trainer, you’ll get a workout program that’s tailored to you.

If you need a mantra to remember this: magazines make money, trainers get results.

How to make the New Year a winning year

Instead of focusing on why you feel bad about considering a personal trainer, think about that ideal body that you want. And really think deeply about it. See those results on your frame, in your mind.

The reward of being your ideal weight is FAR better than self-induced guilt.

But you don’t need to hire a trainer to start the New Year off right. Why? I’ve created a resource that will show you the exact process I use to get my clients down to their ideal weight.

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