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  • I didn’t feel that I was getting much benefit from my 3 days a week gym workout. My eating habits were out of control. I turned to Patrick Mullin for help. After 3 1/2 months of personal training with him, I feel like a different person. I have more energy, better balance, and increased strength.

    - Kay G.

  • Pat your training has truly changed my life. Sitting at home at 213 lbs thinking that I can never in my wildest dreams, go back to being the girl that my boyfriend started dating at 140lbs. Now you have encouraged me to know that anything is possible. Thanks to your commitment and words of encouragement I’m now a healthier person. Not only would I recommend you to my family and friends but also anyone that is having a tough time just getting started. Through your strength training and cardio I have never felt stronger and leaner. I’m now down 40lbs in 6 months and know that I’m only starting my new Fit lifestyle. Again I thank you for giving me my life back.

    - Argelia E.

  • I highly recommend Patrick Mullin for personal fitness coaching, weight and strength training. He is knowledgeable, customizes each session to customer’s personal goals and is responsive to feedback. In addition, he goes far above and beyond for his customers. For example during a couple of sessions at the gym, I had a cramp in my calf. Between sessions he researched the likely causes and identifiedexercises and stretches that could be beneficial. By the next session he adjusted the training. In addition, he provides the perfect blend of accountability, motivation and encouragement. He is also flexible in scheduling sessions and respectful of time.

    - David W.

  • I’m old school. I throw as much weight on as I can, and do as many reps as I can. I work body parts religiously. But I knew this approach would never work for my young son, or his baseball endeavors. Enter Pat Mullin. I first met Pat, I want to say late 2013. He trained my son 1 to 2 times per week. Our training got serious this year over Summer, Fall, and approaching Winter with 3 workouts per week. Pat offers the modern fitness techniques and safe training that I could not provide for my son. He specializes my sons workouts to baseball, as we requested. My son is a lefty pitcher, and Pat’s training has made him stronger on the mound and at the plate, all with safety and rest paramount. I can see the positive changes in my son’s strength thanks to Pat Mullin. My son loves training with Pat, and always comes away with positive things to say. Thanks Pat.

    - Rich G.


Personal Trainer - Patrick Mullin

As the title suggests, my name is Patrick Mullin and I am a personal trainer. Let me just say I feel honored that you have taken an interest in what I have to share with you. And, I really do mean that! I am as happy as anyone to serve you all as a coach, educator and, mentor in the world of fitness. So, thank you for visiting my website. I hope you do learn something!

I strive to share on this website the best full body workout routines, weight loss workout plans, and the very best ways to burn belly fat. I hope you find this website to be a resource for you during your weight loss journey. It’s my goal to make this website something of value to you, so I have aimed to make ThePatrickMullin.com much more than just an avenue for connecting with a personal trainer.

I want this website to be for you what the magazines, forums, blogs, and articles were for me when I first decided to plunge into the fitness industry. We all start somewhere and it is my wish for you that you find value in this website and are able to successfully apply it to your weight loss journey. Should you ever have a question please feel free to send me a message to have it answered. I do try to get to these as quickly as possible, but sometimes it is just not possible, so please wait patiently and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

More Than A Personal Trainer

Be sure to read some of the pieces that others have written for this website; especially the guest blog posts of Rachel’s Refined Recipes, they are worth the read if you are a food lover, but must keep it healthy. Rachel is a personal trainer herself and a very good cook. Her pieces are a good read and she always has a gold nugget for you to learn from. Her collection of homemade headbands for sale are perfect for women, so do check those out as well!

Again, thanks for reading! If you want to read a bit more about me, then go to my bio page HERE.

Information on me as an online personal trainer page can be found HERE.

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